Saturday, September 22, 2012

Hemorrhoids treatment& how to prevent hemorrhoids for office girl

Hemorrhoids treatment& how to  prevent hemorrhoids for office girl

Hemorrhoids treatment

Piles patients always ask Hemorrhoids treatment? I have hemorrhoids what should I do? Especially women will shy about it .
In fact ,Have so many method to Hemorrhoids treatment, but we must according to the state of an illness to choose which method was the best.
Generally, the piles patients who symptoms lighter can use drug treatment . such as hemorrhoids cream and change hemorrhoid bolt etc medicine .and take some relaxing bowel traditional Chinese medicine such as liuwei ann away pill maren runchang pill and aloe jera will have obviously effect.
The paients who symptoms seriously must have an operation. in fact , we need not to overdo worried aboud it ,because the fast technological development . the pain from operation have largely reduce. Just take it easy don’t worry about too much everything will be alright.

how to  prevent hemorrhoids for office girl

    Working woman such as clerk, accounting,key puncher and copyreader  as maintain setting for a long time rarely movement lead to belly blood flow  speed slow down ,lower limbs venous blood backflow obstruction that rectal venous plexus occur to varix, blood deposit, this is the reason why hemorrhoids attack. In addition, about ninety percent woman are favor seat or sofa. doctor zhang say that the body fall into chair and the prevented blood circulation while a long time setting at  very soft seat.that cause to happen or emphasis hemorrhoids condition. To reduce that damage of office , we should try the best to change set hard seat, two ischial tuberosity of coxal can supportive that will not to obstruct blood circulation while set at hard seat. The best way to prevent hemorrhoids is working an hour arise movement 10 minutes, increase movement .

Hemorrhoids is the anus department common diseases

        the anus department common diseases not only hemorrhoids ,it include rectal cancer, the morbidity of rectal cancer is rise 4% every year, this related our living habit change, something to eat become more and more better, absorb cellulose more and more fewer.
         Many rectal cancer early symptom almost the same with hemorrhoids the symptom were bleed and anus department uncomfortable  feeling. Rectal cancer of early stage was think is hemorrhoids ,if did not to see a doctor it will delay the important treatment period. Hemorrhoids morbidity have a procedural divide into early stage, metaphase and later period, habituation divide into 1degree 2degree 3degree and 4degree ,the later period is 3and 4 degree when develop to that period anus will get out and may be serious .the defecate get out from anus rely on sphincter proceed anal contraction, and only under this function defecate can regular , if this function have damage it will appear hemorrhoids symptom. It is seriously influence life style. 1degree begin to anal pad congestion edema slowly developing outwell and by hand press back.
      Principle of treatment hemorrhoids as the same of other disease, earlier diagnosis earlier treat evitable state of an illness further development. According to patient’s condition to choose which treatment .hemorrhoids totality divide into two situation. One type is hemorrhoids attack period or called acute heamorrhoid, acute heamorrhoid  actually is a type of inflammation performance ,via  pharmacy and change life style can treatment. The other type is chronic stage , everyday will have something drop out, it may be not very pain, chronic stage might be usualness acute attack.